We are five kids from Sortland, Norway. About three or four years ago we started out making music that sounded like bands we had we both listened to and loved. From that, it sprung.

We are vegetarians, and support ANIMAL RIGHTS

We are also madly in love with the PUNK/HARDCORE-COMMUNITY

Quiritatio did it's first mini-tour with Dominic (Trondheim) - Fall 2004. Untill autumn 2004 we didn't record anything. We went to Tromsø to make our very first demo, with the good help from our very good friend Andreas L (Regression Point).

After a while playing around we recorded our first full-length bastard wich we called Forgive And Forget. YANA became our mission the 8 remaining months of 2006. We recorded Yana as a 7" EP in Bodø, and it was released January 2007 by Trapped Inside Records - - Bullet Records and BAD PINGU RECORDS. Yana is a sad story, and can be read, heard and seen in the cover of the EP. It all sprung from the beautiful art of David Gillanders

Oh' and we went to play a mini-tour on Iceland the summer of 06, and are heading overseas once more to play Iceland the summer of 2007. As well as a small europe-tour with Lakmé and a lot of other cool bands between 1 - 12 of July 07!

Check out blog or write us on mail to find out where we are playing. Can you help us out putting up shows? We would kiss you, honey.

For chatting, smalltalk, buying, questions, hate or boredom: info@quiritatio.net